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  • YOUR HEALTH IS PRICELESS: Never too expensive to maintain – always too expensive to retrieve. We are proud of our commitment to providing information and education that will help you feel confident when selecting quality supplements for your eyesight! That’s why we include the bonus guides to help you navigate through the world of Eyesight Improvement. Please contact us in case you want your ebooks and we will gladly send them to you!
  • AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE SELF: An anti-aging formula and immune system enhancer, our Powerful Resveratrol Formula is twice more than just Pure Trans Resveratrol 500mg and is specifically formulated to Help you improve your overall Health & Mind, rejuvenate cellular function and tune up your mitochondria, support Eye, Heart and Skin Health. There are no other ingredients in the product or junk oils!
  • NO WEIRD “OTHER INGREDIENTS” & JUNK OILS:  Formula is untouched by chemical solvents and is FREE from impurities, and other residues. Every Bottle goes through rigorous Quality Control and is made in a GMP-quality certified facility in the USA & made in the USA. The product is suitable for vegetarians.
  • ENERGY BOOST IS AN ADDED BONUS: It is such a pleasure to come home after a full day of work, and have the energy and enthusiasm to enjoy the evening!
  • EASY TO USE AND SWALLOW: A nice way to get a large dose of Resveratrol supported with other powerful antioxidants and enjoy all its benefits. Here are some common mis-spellings: reservatrol, reserveratol, resverotrol, resvetrol, reversetrol, reversotol, revesterol, resveratral, resverstrol, resviratrol, revesratrol, resvitale, reserveage, reservage, rez-v and rezveratrol.The correct spelling is Res-ver-a-trol.

Your body doesn’t work as well as you’d like it to?

Do you feel powerless because of lack of energy?

Do you want to look as young as your younger friends?

Do you like natural ingredients?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you are in the right place!

Why Vibraxlabs 100% Pure Resveratrol Extra Strength Supplement?

Our naturally harvested product is the REAL DEAL with 1000 mg of Pure Resveratrol in every vegetarian capsule and made the USA. Unlike other formulas that have been processed through chemical solvents and have lots of weird ingredients, ours is a naturally rich antioxidant to help restore skin’s youthful elasticity, eye & brain health, and to help athletes and active people recover from heavy exercise. Plus we don’t use any Proprietary blends to maximize its Purity and Efficacy for you. 

YOUR HEALTH IS PRICELESS: We believe in using only the highest quality ingredients, laboratory testing every batch and donating to charity to make the world a better place.

Includes 3 FREE BONUS GUIDES about Eye Health, Best Foods to Boost your Health & Cool Tips How to Increase Your Energy

  • Powerful Resveratrol Formula: 1000 mg per each veggie capsule
  • No GMOs and chemical solvents
  • No Proprietary Blends 
  • Laboratory Tested
  • Safety sealed for Your Protection 
  • Suitable for men & women  

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